Sunday 23 July 2017

New insurance- Early Critical Illnesses

I finally completed the 15 years limited premium payment for my Aviva traditional whole-life Critical Illnesses coverage from Jan 2017. It was a wonderful feeling to have freed up additional cash of $350 per month for other use. Metup with my Phillip insurance broker recently and I was happy that she still looked the same albeit the passing of 15 years (we did not meet again after the Aviva policy was signed).

The industry has launched various new products on early critical illness claim. Given the relative higher probability of getting such dread disease and knowing that the protection for traditional critical illness came in only upon the final stages, I have signed up with AXA for a whole life early critical Illnesses policy of $100k enhanced protection value till age 70. The premiums are payable for 15 years for the life time protection.

This early claim critical illness policy is one product that I would highly recommend to everyone despite the exorbitant annual premiums.