Monday 20 July 2015

H2O Residences- TOP

Sharing photos for H2O Residences which just TOP:

Sunday 19 July 2015

FIRST REIT and investment philosophy updates

My last post on First Reit projection last year was that that its price will break the S$1.20 barrier. Current market trading price is at S$1.42. Adding in the dividends earned, this turns out to be a star performer in my investment portfolio. With the grave uncertainty in economic outlook such as Greek crisis and the free falling China stock market, I still invested regularly but have channelled the funds into the more defensive healthcare REITs.

Based on my last decade of experience through the various financial crisis, I draw the conclusion that investment beliefs is very much linked to the temperament of individuals. I have seen friends who till now strongly believe in their technical analysis skills as Chartist who claimed they can read the daily market trend. I also have friends who speculate in stocks such as Noble. Then there is another group of friends who are extremely risk adverse and put all their savings into banks despite being trained in accounting and finance. 

Most folks by age of 30 would have formed their own investment beliefs. No amount of persuasion can sway most of them. I do not believe in wholesome technical analysis.....neither do I now subscribed to a 100% value investing approach like the great Warren Buffet. The long and short of what I am trying to say is that there is no absolute one size fits all philosophy. There are many who short sell or invest in U.S. Stocks, technological stocks, complex financial instruments or deal exclusively in blue chips in the pursuit of higher returns and the other extreme group who believes in bank savings only. Ultimately, as long as one can sleep peacefully at night with no worries of where they park their assets, then all is good. 

For those who have approached me, I have shared my philosophy in growing assets to beat inflation, generate a stream of passive income and to protect one's capital. Just that I found it funny when many still prefer to leave their money with the banks after asking me so many questions with regards to investments or those who keep buying and selling within a very short time frame based on chart readings. Hence my conclusion on temperament forming a key component on one's interpretation of life time investment philosophy.