Thursday 8 November 2012

Macquire Infrastructure Fund- Boardroom showdown

Announcement by MIIF:
"Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund Limited (MIIF or the Company) wishes to inform its shareholders that a valid requisition for a Special General Meeting of the Company (the Requisition) was lodged by Raffles Nominees (Pte) Limited on behalf of its clients, who hold 10.27 per cent of MIIF’s paid-up share capital, (together the Requisitioning Shareholders) at the Company’s registered office in Bermuda on 5 November 2012 (the Operative Date)."

The latest news is the mysterious shareholder wants to nominate 3 directors to the BOD. Looks like an upcoming boxing match.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Religare Health Trust

Fate is kind to me, I was not allocated any shares for the IPO of Religare Health Trust. It tanked on the first day of trading (22 Oct 2012). From IPO price of 90 cents, it dropped to 80 cents and at the lowest point in time, it traded at S$0.785. 

The reason for trying for this IPO was to diversify my portfolio further into Healthcare which is supposed to be defensive in nature. Fortis has injected part of their hospital assets into this trust and waived their entitlement to the dividends for 2 years. At 80 cents, the dividend yield projected would be 10% right now. If including sponsor share, the yield would be probably 8% which is still extremely tempting.

Risk of holding on to this trust are as follows:
(i) Currency risk. But this has been mitigated by 2 year forward contracts entered by managing agent.
(ii) High dividend yield due to sponser Fortis waiving off their share for 2 years.
(iii) Political stability and business environment. There is also a perceived lack of trust in assets based in India.

Interestingly, an Indian friend told me that if I am really so keen to invest in India, why not just put the money in India fixed deposits which is giving an interest of 8%.....hmm....very true indeed.....