Friday 4 August 2023

Alamak! Tan Kin Lian Running For Singapore President Again---Can Someone Please Stop Him?

This is really OMG!. The former chief executive of NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative is coming out to run for the Singapore Presidency again. In 2011, Mr Tan Kin Lian came in last out of four candidates with only 4.91% of the total votes and immediately lost $48,000 of his election deposit for failing to garner more than one-eight of the total votes. 

1. The savior of Singapore-Mr Tan Kin Lian
Again, with guns blazing, Mr Tan Kin Lian started blabbering weird stuff about influencing government policies if elected and he proudly proclaim that he will use the President's veto powers to ensure that government policies align with his vision and goals. 

"Mr Tan’s aim is unrealistic and misleading", said political analyst at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Felix Tan. “That is not the role of the President. They do not guide policies, to begin with. That’s the role of the government of today.” Please refer to Channel NewsAsia.  

2. Sparring with Mr Tan while he was in NTUC Income Insurance
I had some personal interaction with Mr Tan while he was the boss of NTUC Income Insurance. Many years back, whole-life limited payment plan just came out. I was a NTUC Income policy holder. I wrote in to feedback to him that NTUC Income should learn from other insurance companies like Aviva which are offering premiums payment of 10 years to 20 years limited payment for whole-life plan instead of NTUC Income traditional policy of paying till one is age 85 years old (pay whole-life indeed even after your retirement). Mr Tan jumped the gun and replied in a hostile manner to demand to know whether I am an agent from other rival insurance company. This left a lasting bad impression on me about his personality.

3. Have you heard him speak publicly?
In 2011, there were various interviews held with the different presidential election candidates. I almost fainted when I hear him speak. Personally, I think I will die from embarrassment if he was ever elected as our Head of State representing Singaporeans.

Parting thoughts
I am not sure why the Presidential Elections Committee allowed Mr Tan Kin Lian to run in 2011 Presidential Election. I hope they don't make the same mistake again and disqualify him immediately for 2023. This will also help Mr Tan save his deposit and hard-earned money from being forfeited. 

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