Saturday 2 March 2019

Malaysia To Launch Prototype of Flying Car

Picture denotes the Thunder Hawk  flying car of a cartoon series known as Mask
Malaysia has announced plans to build a flying car and launch a working prototype by end of the year using its own local technology. This is good news indeed. Earlier this month while I was in Malaysia for Lunar New Year, the trip from Yong Peng back to Singapore of typically 1.5hours ended up with 8.5 hours spent on the highway and Customs due to the severe traffic jam. With a flying car, this will beat the damn traffic jam. Militaries around the world should also be interested in this great product. I am sure the demand will be very high. 

Once the flying car is successfully launched, Malaysia will have a technological advantage in manufacturing with this know how. Hopefully, Malaysia will become richer with this new product. This will reduce the excuses that the current Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir has on hand such as to get "Rich" Singapore pay higher water charges to "Poor" Malaysia. Malaysia actually has lots of raw materials and oil and definitely so much richer than Singapore in terms of natural resources. Looking forward to the unveiling of the flying car prototype at year end.


  1. I tot alrdy have? It's called helicopter.

    Can be very cheap one. But flimsy.

  2. Wow...that's really good news. Waiting for the launch. Hopefully, it should be a great product.