Saturday, 12 May 2018

Sleeping Dragon to be AWAKEN soon! (Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited)

Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development

The Q1 2018 results announced by Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited ("PREHL") are promising after normalizing for the divestment of 20.2% of TripleOne Somerset. The revenue in fact grew by 10.1%  relative to Q1 2017 mainly due to contributions from Perennial Qingyang Mall, Chengdu if we exclude the one-off item. 

Significant upsides to Business Developments expected in current FY2018 and FY2019:

1. TripleOne Somerset- Securing anchor tenant and other major office tenant.
The new two level retail podium is expected to receive TOP by 2nd half of 2018. It has secured anchor tenant, NTUC Finest which is taking up 11,568 sqft of space.

Another tenant, Secured Space (flexible work space concept business), will occupy over 35,000sqft spanning 2 floors.

2. AXA Tower - AEI near completion and Enbloc Potential
Works on the new two-storey medical annex block, retail podium and office common areas are progressing well and have reached various stages of completion. Management also looking out for enbloc opportunities to realise value for shareholders.

3. Capitol Singapore- plans to build up recurring income in place
PREHL has successful resolved the long standing dispute with another shareholder by buying over the shares held by the other shareholder. This gives it full executive control over the future strategic direction for this prime property. Please also see my previous post with regard to Capitol Singapore here:

The management is currently finalizing the appointment of the operator for the hotel component from a shortlisted group of established and renowned five-star brands/operators. This will be an important building block in bringing in essential recurring income for PREHL.

4. Opening of Perennial International Health and Medical Hub in Chengdu.
This is expected to start contributing to PREHL overall results from 1st June 2018 onwards. Committed occupancy for the Medical Hub is currently at 87.6%. In terms of financial perspective, this means that Q3 2018 and Q4 2018 will be higher than previous year of 2017 from additional realisation of their investment in Chengdu China. For next year, of 2019 the Medical Hub will contribute to a full year of financial which will be another year of quick growth for PREHL.

Bird's Eye View of the Integrated Healthcare Concept in Chengdu

Net asset per share value is currently at S$1.692 per share. Its market valuation is still at only S$0.865. This represents a huge 51.1% discount due to the market perception of high risk in its China ventures. 

With the upcoming realization of returns from China and local development projects from current year to FY2021, the risk of non-performing projects are diminishing and the huge risk premium associated with PREHL should go down eventually by 2020 assuming no macro economic turmoil. Growth and recurring income building strategies are well on track under the excellent leadership of the current management team.  


  1. Nice write up. I bought Perennial due to seeing the above upcoming potential too.
    The amount of shares buyout also look awesome :)

    1. Awesome man! We can all go to the next AGM together! Keeping my fingers crossed that the China projects executed smoothly.