Saturday, 10 August 2019

Love And Destiny- 三生三世宸汐缘

No time to blog recently as I was too busy watching and chasing "Love and Destiny". This fantasy drama series was so good that I was totally mesmerised by it. The beautiful backdrop and the tragic story line was just too awesome. This amazing series is being produced by the same production team behind the immensely popular "Eternal Love" series in 2017 starring Yang Mi. "Love and Destiny" is actually a prequel to it and in 2020, the sequel to "Eternal Love" which is in post production phase will be coming to viewers and fans.

The story goes like this: Fifty thousand years ago, Jiu Chen, the God of War and Protector of the 6 realms sacrificed  his life to seal away the powerful Demon Lord who intended to plague the world into chaos and destruction. Jiu Chen's body was then buried in the Sea of Eternal Slumber. Fifty thousand years later, a young fairy, named Ling Xi, accidentally ventured into his heavenly grave and awoke him from his eternal slumber. The mystery of how this young fairy could have brought the God of War back to life is the main story plot. The eternal fight between Good and Evil continues.

3 things I learnt from Love and Destiny that draws parallel to real life and our investment philosophy:

1. Similar to office politics at work, there are Sabo King/Queen out there that hatches schemes to harm others in order to discredit someone or to preserve one's status. If you naively think that all colleagues adore you and do not bother to watch your own back, you may get knifed without even knowing what happened until it is too late. While one should not practise office politics to harm others, one must always be aware of one's own working surroundings in order not to get played out by the Sabo King/Queen.

2. While we sometimes make bad decision or encounter great adversity, we should always look past that into the silver lining in such disastrous moment. What does not kill you only serves to make you stronger. Reflect and make yourself better. No one is perfect. There is no need to feel depress or sad or think that it is the end of the world. Being alive is wonderful in itself.

3. Many people think that they are always right. Just like investment style, there are people who stubbornly believe that the whole world should follow their own investment principle which is the best of the best. Such folks are just unable to see the viewpoints of others. For example, I have recently seen friends and other folks telling me that the recent rally in REITS make this asset class overpriced and have sold off all their REITS while awaiting the "Great Recession" to come and then buy at the bottom after 30% to 50% discount. They are asking me why I only sold off 20% while retaining the bulk of my retail REITS, namely SPH REITS and Frasers Centrepoint Trust.

Strangely, I have another group of obstinate friends who believed in the buy and hold forever camp who asked me why I started selling off my Mapletree industrial REIT and Starhill Global a few weeks back. Long term always beat timing the market is the core belief of this group of folks.

In my next post (after I finish watching Love and Destiny-I am eagerly awaiting the final 10 episodes next week), I want to pen down some of my thoughts regarding the current economic downtrend which has already started. Also, I want to point out that just like "Tao", we should follow the way of the universe in harmony and not just set some very detailed rules to follow blindly. Once you named something, it is no longer "Tao". Will also touch base on the topic of should we sell off our REITS now or should we continue holding on for their dividends? There are just too many totally conflicting viewpoints out there at this juncture. 


  1. so this is the same realm as bai qian's story. i wonder if donghua will also appear there? he was there from the beginning of the world right?

    1. Dong hua will not be appearing. It is a separate story. It is very good,you should watch it.

  2. When did war of God Mo Yuan came into the picture... What is the timeline.. Is this before Mo yuan become the war of god?

  3. I believe God of war Mo yuan ( twins brothers ) are their children from this drama( love and destiny )

  4. This drama rather boring. The script is not exciting and interesting as Eternal love or Ashes of Love. Mostly spending time watching Go Go Squid which is so entertaining n the script and plot involves every character very well written parts for everyone

  5. No this was set years before the time of the eternal love. And mo yuan and the crown prince are the children of the god of gods not god of war