Friday 31 July 2020

Strange Encounter at Kentucky Fried Chicken Store

The new flossy crunch chickens offered by KFC are awesome. Crunchy and fiery! Highly recommended. Anyway, just to share a strange encounter I had yesterday evening when buying directly at a KFC store in a nearby shopping mall. Since I am buying for the family, I opt for the S$ 36.95 family feast package which comes with 8 pcs chicken, nuggets, whipped potato etc. 

From the KFC App, it has "pick up" option and also "delivery" option menus. I was exploring the KFC App to see what are the packaged deals on menu while waiting in the queue. When it was my turn, I showed the auntie staff whether they have the S$36.95 family flossy crunch meal illustrated on my phone screen and whether I can opt for a mixture of 4 floss chickens and 4 original chickens. Strangely, the auntie point to her counter menu and said all 8 must by flossy crunch chickens as per the picture that and I cannot mix. I then show her again the screenshot on my mobile phone which states that one can actually can choose from (a) flossy (b) crunch, hot & crispy or (c) original recipe.
The auntie staff serving me insisted that this is not possible for store direct order. Instead, she asserted that I need to order through the App and then use the "takeaway" option for self-collection later on as this cannot be done over the counter. I was dumbfounded and amused and told the Auntie that this does not make sense as the takeaway and self pickup option menu on the App is the same as the direct order at counter and urge her to exercise flexibility. But auntie turned around and asked another auntie staff who also said the same thing and ask me to please order through the App. 

Luckily for me, an Ah Boy staff manning the next counter stepped in and told the auntie that it is ok to mix as in fact, I was the one who lose out, as the flossy crunchy chicken cost more than the original recipe chicken. Thanks to the young man, I managed to get my mixed chicken selection and saved myself from being made to order on the KFC App and then come back for self-pickup in another 15 mins at the same store. Anyway, time to go burn off some calories today after the good meal yesterday evening. Enjoy the long weekend folks!

(P.S: Btw, don't throw away the receipt after purchase, KFC has a short survey similar to Subway. Do it and you are entitled to a 10% or S$5 off for your next purchase).      

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