Tuesday 13 April 2021

Property Investments Seminars Advertisements On YouTube Driving Me Nuts

Not exactly sure what is Marko (and/or something) property investment programme but I was quite disturbed to see frequent Youtube advertisment of it popping out telling me the story from this crying woman. Basically, a woman broke down into tears saying that thanks to Marko (and/or something), she finally managed to move out of her public HDB flat and got to stay in a private condominium as well as to escape the "rat race". Is living in a HDB flat so horrible for her that she broke down into tears just recapping it? Or was it tears of joy from earning lots of money from this property investment programme and now finally flushed with money to buy a private condominium? 

From the advertisement, there is another 22 years old man that says thanks to this programme, he managed to own 2 properties "at such a young age". I think it is better to be modest than to boost about owning multiple properties. I seriously do not think this young man can own 2 properties at such a young age (unless he is really born with a silver spoon in one's mouth). Simple common sense indicates that he must have borrowed tons of money from a bank to finance his properties. Whether the 22 years old man owns 2 properties or the bank is the de facto owners of the properties is only a figure of speech. If the marco-economic conditions meltdown totally and banker came to seize his property for a forced auction at the worst possible time, this young man will be in financial ruin and working as a rat (as aforesaid mentioned by the crying woman) in the rat race for the rest of his life paying off millions in bank loans.

Who dare wins?
I reckon that this Marko (and/or something) investment programme is something similar to the well known iQuadrant teaching people to use leverage to purchase multiple industrial properties. The eventual realised return can go up to 30%-40% per annum if everything goes smoothly in finding undervalued industrial properties for rental out and letting tenants help you pay for the properties while awaiting capital appreciation. Well, high risk high return. Obviously, there are people who have made tons of money from employing such strategies taught by the gurus from these properties investment programmes

Parting Thoughts:
Who dare wins is what I believed in. However, I do disagree with the downplaying of leverage to such an extensive extent on industrial properties to portray them as manageable low risk. 


  1. I have similiar thought about that crying woman. Is it really so bad to stay in a HDB..... We are probably the best public housing in the world!

    1. Yup, fully agree! My best memories were living in a HDB with my parents and siblings. The older flats esp super big and squarish.