Sunday, 11 July 2021

Please Stop Campaigning Against COVID-19 Vaccination- Ignorance is Bliss Or Just Living in One's Own World?

I have a University friend who has for months been ranting against COVID-19 vaccination in Singapore via her Facebook, let's call her "SY". SY cited the one off side effect cases as examples of why everyone should avoid taking the vaccines. Most importantly, SY mentioned that the main reason she has against worldwide COVID-19 vaccination is because Pfizer is affiliated with Satanic forces and this goes contrary to her religious beliefs. I was simply flabbergasted. Now, since when did religion now comes into the topic of mass vaccination to contain COVID-19?

Due to the rapid spread of the COVID Delta variant, many countries healthcare system are on the verge of collapse. We all have seen what is happening in India. Recently, my Indonesian friends have mentioned how dire the situation is also becoming in Indonesia. Many seriously ill people are unable to find a bed or oxygen in hospital for treatment. People are dying from COVID in other countries. I was further shocked when my friend SY posted and argued that Singaporeans do not need COVID vaccine as evident from the low death statistics in Singapore and that contracting COVID is nothing much to be feared. Has she been living in her own world for the past year? Highly educated people I thought are trained to think critically and to keep an open mind on opinions.

I do respect individual rights on not getting vaccinated due to the uncertain long term health effect. But the least one can do is to respect others and not try to force one's own draconian views on others. Stop publishing anti-COVID vaccination on social media. My personal thoughts on vaccination is simple, it is necessary to achieve herd immunity and prevent loved ones from dying tragically if they contract it. Without vaccination, we cannot open up our economy fully and our airline industry and hospitality sector will be perpetually in doldrums.


  1. I cannot imagine someone from Singapore pushing anti-vaxx messages after seeing what it has done to so many countries like the US. If they want to talk about the real side effects, go ahead but when they talk about religion like satanic forces, i find it hard to take them serious in any other matters.

    Also,if potential or current employers see messages like these on their social media, arent they worried that they will get marked down severely?

    1. Hi ConsumeLess Life, my friend is working as a private tutor and she does not really need a job. Her husband is the main bread winner and earns a lot. I am wondering whether the recent explosion in covid cases in Singapore will wake her up.