Wednesday 1 March 2023

Alibaba Plunge Again After Sudden Surge in Early January 2023.

I was caught by a bit of a surprise when I went back yesterday to check on the price of Alibaba. I thought it strange that Alibaba share price has again fallen dramatically despite the sudden surge in early January 2023-all within the span of less than 2 months. It is back at HKD85 (below HKD100 per share) again. If I had a crystal ball, I would have realised my S$10K gain earlier, but alas, life is like a box of chocolates indeed.
I like the recently announced results of Alibaba as I think it was decent with losses from International ecommerce narrowing.  Also cloud computing services continue to look promising for Alibaba with the added benefit of recurring income generation which help enhance the quality of earnings.  

Saying that, the problem with holding China equities has always been the constant political risk which can destroy their business overnight with draconian policies. Look at the Common Prosperity plan, crack down on tech business and the condemnation of Jack Ma. 

I am not sure what the management of Alibaba wants to do with the huge cash balances sitting on their balance sheet. The share-buyback programme does not seemed to be boosting the share price. Instead of hoarding billions of cash on their balance sheet, I think that Alibaba should just declare out special dividends to loyal shareholders and this may possibility also has a ripple effect on the languishing share price.

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