Friday 31 March 2023

Alibaba Ripe For Harvesting By End of 2023?

Finally, some good news coming out from Alibaba with the plan to spin off its businesses into 6 different units and future possible IPOs. As a matter of fact, it was announced recently that Alibaba is working with bankers for a $20 Billion listing of Cainiao, its logistics arm in Hong Kong. The share buy back initiatives of Alibaba has limited success to bring up its price and I do hope that the market price will be re-rated after this major restructuring of its businesses through IPO as a catalyst.    

If Alibaba (9988) can double up and hit HKD170-HKD180 per share, then I guess I can finally exit my position with a 100% profit target. My overall investment into Alibaba to date is around S$37K. For me, it is an agony holding on to growth stock such as Alibaba which does not pay out dividends to compensate for the endless wait. During the recent tumble in Alibaba share price to HKD70 per share, I have not invested into Alibaba further as there is just no visibility on when the weakness in its share price will be lifted. 

All the best to fellow retail investors still holding on to has been a long wait. 

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