Monday 6 March 2023

Investment Portfolios Updates- S$565K (3 March'23)- Inflation Running Away Again.

Stock  market conditions continue to improve from 30 December 2022. However, the inflation monster is making a come back and the US Federal Reserve may go back to mega adjustment in rate hikes again. I also have upcoming S$23.8K of Q1 dividends due in this month of March 2023 for re-deployment back into the different portfolios. 

1. Portfolio 1- Stocks held in SGX Central Depository 
(Note: This portfolio is designed to provide immediate dividends for use as it is under my own CDP account and the dividends credited goes directly to my bank account.)
Not much changes here except for buying into ComfortDelgro in January 2023 and also February 2023. It is also time to diversify away from mainly REITs holding.

2. Portfolio 2- Margin purchased securities
(Note: My margin purchased securities has grown to a sufficient scale to sustain itself and also to repay annual financing charges as well as to gradually pay down the margin loan through dividends generated.) 
I have invested S$10K into ComfortDelgro and also another S$10K into Hong Leong Finance. ComfortDelgro is a recovery play while Hong Leong Finance has reported a spectacular results for FY2022 due to interest rate hikes differential between saving deposits and loans placed out. 

Of course, if interest rate financing start to increase rapidly, then the strategic play here would be to focus on paying down the margin loan to save on interest expenses.

3. Portfolio 3 (with Tiger Brokers)- Venture into higher risk as well as capital growth stocks here
No change was made to this portfolio. Alibaba shot up a lot in Jan'23, however it has since run itself back into a slump.

4. Portfolio 4 (Other Investments)- Non-listed equities,DBS DigiPortfolio + CDP
This portfolio is being opened to help pay for immediate daily living expenses in event I have to give up my current job and work part-time only. Things have not been well and I am facing a job crisis at work- please read my personal updates on 6 March 2023. 

I also have invested a small sum into Netlink Trust NBN and also ComfortDelgro.

Parting thoughts
I am glad that my passive income of S$48K per annum is currently sufficient for me to pay for my housing mortgage as well as to give monthly allowance to my parents. 


  1. any thoughts on DCRU's recent drop? Thanks

  2. Hi Income chaser mate, how have you been? Sorry, saw this comment late....yup, I am also very concerned over DCRU (you can check my latest posts). I guess as long as there is no fraud or fanciful "out of the world" business valuation techniques like that employed by Eagle Hospitality Trust, then DCRU should survive in the long time due to the financial strength of its sponsor. Still, DCRU will be taking a severe beating for quite some time as Cyxtera's creditors most likely will not be willing to give up debt for equity and they only have a few more months to settle the upcoming re-financing. It also takes time to backfill vacated space after terminating existing tenant for breach of T&C.

    Latest post on DCRU: