Friday 28 April 2023

Family Portfolio Management Update-28 April 2023

I am currently also handling investments for my wifey and will be documenting this on my blog for ease of personal reference for this portfolio and also for general sharing purpose. My "second half" has a very low risk appetite, it took me many years to finally convince her to put down more of her excess cash on hand into equities besides the usual fixed deposits and Singapore Saving Bonds. Recently, I managed to get her to also sign up for the Robo-Adviser platform- Endowus. I will elaborate more on the rationale later. Current passive income generated is around +S$17K per annum from this portfolio (please also refer to my other Investment Portfolios under management which is projected to yield +S$52K per annum)

Use of Endowus Robo-Advisor 
Investments into only SGX stocks or local treasury do over-concentrate geographical risk into only Singapore market. This is a major risk to possible disruption of all the passive income for future retirement. Kyith's previous post ("9 Strong Points to Why I Say, the Dividend Income Retirement Mindset is Not a Good Retirement Risk Management Model") has been a good wake up call to some of my blind sides on volatility and also oversimplification of retirement income. 

Endowus has an Income Portfolio that offers immediate diversification into global equities and global bonds. In addition, this particular Endowus Income Portfolio is supposed to be capital accumulating in its investment philosophy unlike some funds which pays income out of capital and will gradually deplete itself- see screenshot below.
Extract from Endowus Income Portfolios

Parting thoughts
Going forward, will be using more of Endowus as an alternative to gain exposure into global equities and bonds for all my portfolios.

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