Sunday, 9 January 2022

Don't Act Too Smart And Be Silly Instead- How To Survive In Workplace Full Of Office Politics.

Too busy to blog these days. I was busy chasing an interesting Chinese TV drama "Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行)".  I like the story line a lot which reminds me of our workplace back at office. The story goes like this: Xu Feng Nian ( 徐凤年) is the son of the Great Grand Marshal General Xu of the Northern Army numbering 300,000 strong horsemen. Even the ruling emperor fear the Xu family due to their sheer military might.  As such, the emperor is constantly plotting against the Northern Army in a bit to weaken their leadership by all means which include assassination. The main lead, Xu Feng Nian, thus pretended to be a good for nothing since he was young who went around stirring trouble and womanizing in order to fool the imperial family into thinking that he is of no threat despite him being a genius. 
Similar to many workplaces, most people when joined a new company, tried hard to impress the boss or immediate superior by demonstrating their brilliance and capability in order to secure their confirmation and promotion. But sooner or later, one will come to a stage whereby one will realise such constant demonstration will only invite trouble. A sword that is constantly unveil tends to attract envy or hostility by colleagues or dumping of extra work by the boss or immediate superior and only marginal returns in terms of future staff remuneration. There are times when one will need to appear silly instead of striving to be in the limelight all the time which is akin to inviting one's own demise at the workplace.

As the saying goes, do things in moderation. Chasing after money and status are important but family relations and health are even more vital. Live long enough to enjoy life and be happy. Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!

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